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Gambling and betting is becoming more and more popular in Asia with the passage of time. Asian bookie is a term used to refer to betting websites which targets the Asian market or bookmarkers that specializes in handicap sports betting. You will be amazed to know that most of the reputable Asian betters are licensed in Man of Isle: It's a crown dependency of the United Kingdom followed by Philippines.

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...Asian bookies are in high demand not only Asia but also in different parts of the world such as Europe and UK. There are several reasons why an Asian bookie is a much better choice as compared to bookmarkers from different parts of the world. For Asians, Asian bookies offer local currency support and provide local banking options. Additionally, they give the Asians the betting format they are accustomed to.

Although things changes from country to country and region to region in betting but here are some of the reason why you should go for Asian bookies.
Asian betting currencies
The biggest advantage with Asian bookies, especially if you are an Asian betting enthusiast is that they provide you options to open an online betting account into your local currencies as well as popular currencies. You can choose from wide range of currencies. Some of the available options are Chinese Yuán Renminbi (CNY), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Thailand Baht (THB), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Singapore Dollars (SGD), UK Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), and US Dollars (USD).

Although, there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing currency but most of the online Asian bookies bars players from various countries from taking part in betting. Some of these countries are France, USA, Italy, Turkey and Hong Kong. These bookmarkers say that they are doing so for legal reasons. Interestingly, they openly offer banking options to gray areas such as China, Indonesia and Thailand.
Depositing at asian bookies
As mentioned above, the mode of operation does change with changes in location. Same holds true for deposits. Betting fans in Indonesia and Malaysia can take advantage of their home bank account to deposit money through an ATM or online banking services. On the other hand, Chinese are forced to use their debit card. Thailand takes the lead when it comes to convenience to customers because it provide wide range of payment options but the opposite holds true for Vietnam. For Singapore, UK and European countries, E-wallet services perform this responsibility.
Cashing out
One of the biggest advantages of choosing Asian bookmakers is fast and free payout. Almost all the online Asian bookies offered direct bank transfer facility within 48 hours irrespective of location. They send an agent to your bank branch to complete the process of withdrawal. This ensures that your identity is not revealed and you also receives the money into your bank account.
Asian odds formats
There four Asian odds formats which are quite popular, they are:
1. Hong Kong Odds
2. Malay Odds
3. Indonesia Odds
4. Decimal Odds

Hong Kong Odds
This one is the simplest odds format. Here odds are always presented in a positive number with decimal points. These odds represent how much a bettor will be paid, in addition to stake, for each unit wagered. For example if the odds are 0.850 you’re dealing with a semi-heavy favorite and will get paid $0.850 in winnings for each $1.00 risked. If the odds are 3.750 you’re dealing with a decent sized underdog and will be paid $3.75 (plus your stake) for each $1.00 risked. Underdog can win this odd format.

Malay Odds
Last but certainly not the least, is Malay odds. This format is a new territory for Europeans and American betters. Here odds are expressed as either a negative or a positive number and that number is never greater than 1. Unlike all other odds formats that use positives and negatives here things are reversed as in negative means underdog and positive means favorite. When the odds are negative this represents how much a bettor needs to risk to 1 unit (example: -0.80 is risk $0.80 to win 1). When the odds are positive this is how much a bettor will win on a 1 unit stake (example: 0.550 is risk 1 to win $0.55).

Indonesian Odds
Quite similar to American odds, Indonesian odds use a single digit instead of three digits. This differentiates it from American odds. For example +134 American is 1.34 Indonesian. When Indonesian odds are negative how much you should risk winning a single unit, so -3.45 odds is risk $3.45 to win $1.00 profit. When Indonesia Odds are positive this how much will be paid in winnings on a single unit stake. So for example, +1.430 in Indonesian odds is risk $1.00 to win $1.43.

Decimal Odds
In this type of odds, odds are always listed as a positive number with decimals, and represent the total return (stake + win) a winning ticket will pay for each unit staked. For example European odds 1.91 is risk $1.00 to win $0.91. This is because the odds 1.91 mean 1.91 (stake + win) will be returned for each 1.00 risked; 1.00 was your stake so 0.91 is your potential win.
Advantages of asian bookies
Here are some of the advantages of Asian bookies:

Better Odds
When you compare the European bookies with their Asian counterpart, one difference will be evident. Asian bookies operate on lower margins than European bookies. They offer you better odds, which increase your chances of winning.

Live Betting
If you are a fan of football betting, then Asian betting site is for you. They will provide you with live betting options. They offer better odds and more markets to play around with to betters as compared to American or European bookies.

Smaller Markets
Betting on football is one of the most popular pastimes amongst Asian betters. English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga and many more have been on the betting list for many years now. What makes Asian bookmakers so unique is the fact that they also provide you access to smaller markets such as Indian field hockey and other small scale sporting events. You can easily verify this by exploring different sporting leagues available on online Asian betting websites.

Asian Handicaps
If you are betting on a sport where draw is a possible outcome, then Asian handicap will appeal to you. Here a handicap is added to eliminate or reduce tie as a potential outcome and to bring the odds much closer to decimal odds 2.0 (even money).
I hope this article might have convinced you to switch to Asian bookies if you have not done it yet and enjoy the benefits. Better odds, faster payouts and better support for local and international currencies makes them a good option to consider. Live betting is a also a big plus. If you want to take sports betting to the next level, then try these Asian betting sites and you will forget the UK betting sites.
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