How to choose a Good Bookmaker

Do you want to know the basic criteria for choosing a good bookmaker?

There are many online bookmakers and an equal number of different offers relating to the bets made using their systems. Because of this, it is important for people placing a bet to follow the guidelines for choosing the best betting site, without making any mistakes. With this in mind, here are the key parameters to keep in consideration in order to reap the greatest possible benefit from your bet.

The interface
Decide at first glance! It is important that the interface and the ease of navigation that characterise the betting site capture and retain the interest of the user browsing its pages. The loading speeds of the pages, the way the sections are organised and how quickly you can place your bets are essential parameters that are often overlooked by gamblers. Another key aspect is choosing a bookmaker available in your language, as this means that the bookmaker works with employees that will be able to help you in case of difficulty or necessity without creating any linguistic misunderstandings.

The odds
Of course, first and foremost, it is necessary to choose the best possible odds, as they are the fundamental part of placing any bet and any potential win. Analysing the offers of each individual bookmaker would take a lot of time, given that each of them may have different odds. Therefore, we have carefully and accurately selected the Top Bookmakers, picking out those that stand out for having the most advantageous offers in comparison with the highest odds offered by the competition. In any case, in order to hunt out the best odds on a given event, you can always use the numerous odds comparison websites available on the web.

The types of bets
The main bookmakers’ offers not only include the possibility of making traditional bets, such as betting on the winner of a match, under/over, the first goalscorer, the total number of goals, the exact result, etc., but also innovative types of bets such as Asian handicap. Another essential element is the Live Betting option, which every reputable bookmaker has in order to provide odds while an event is being played out. Equally important is the Mobile Betting service, which allows you to place bets directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Currencies supported
A good bookmaker offers so many options for currencies at the time of account registration. Most bookmakers accepts Euros, US Dollars and GB Pounds but if your currency is different you can consult our guide on Bookmaker Currency Options and find the bookmaker with the currency of your own country.

Customer services
Another fundamental but often overlooked element that should contribute to the assessment of a bookmaker and be kept in consideration when choosing one bookmaker over another is the secure presence of a customer service team that is always available, easy to reach and capable of providing information quickly and competently. Consult our guide on Bookmaker Language Options and Choose a bookmaker in your favorite language, so you will not have communication problems. In addition, preference should be given to bookmakers that have a live chat service in addition to the traditional assistance services (email, telephone or fax) so that you can be assisted in real time.

Bonus on the first deposit
Betters often overvalue the welcome bonus parameter, which should not be given too much importance, contrary to what the majority of the web portals would have us believe. Nevertheless, every better should get their bonus when they register! The first bet generally appears cheaper and more advantageous because every bookmaker offers a bonus or special promotion for the first deposit. Bets can be completely free or 100% of the first payment can be doubled up €100, €50, €20 or other privileges can be offered for the fist time gambler. Just choose the best offer and make your first bet.

Deposit and withdrawal methods
Choosing certain bookmaker can work out cheaper than others based on the economic benefits derived from the deposit and withdrawal operations. Therefore, consciously choose one of the best Online Payment Systems (bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal or Webmoney) offered by the various sites so that you can save as much time and money as possible.

Gifts and privileges
After having registered with the bookie that best reflects your interests and needs, you can enjoy further privileges and promotions, many of which include gifts, travel vouchers, free tickets for various sporting events and other freebies related to the world of sport. Among other things, you can often find different types of competitions or tournaments, which we advise you not to underestimate, with valuable prizes up for grabs.

Even though there are no particular risks involved, the reliability of a website’s security systems is of extreme importance, precisely for this reason we have only selected totally secure and sports betting websites for our visitors.
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