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One place where online sports’ betting is flourishing by leaps and bounds is Europe. In less than a decade online sports betting has become one of the favorite pastime for many Europeans. The friendly legal environment for online sports betting has also added to its popularity in Europe. This made Europe home to world largest bookmakers when it comes to online spots betting.





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...When choosing the best website for sports betting Europe, you are better off sticking with local sports betting option because it might be following your country’s legal requirements. This keeps you away from legal complications later on. Although, your choice of betting site might depend on the country you live in and gambling laws out there.

Never make the mistake of neglecting your local gambling laws because it will land you into hot waters. If you want the best safety, you should go for state run online betting sites. They will provide you insurance to keep funds secure and follow all the laws strictly. After safety and legality, the next factor that you should consider when choosing an online bookmaker is bonuses and events.

Look out for bookmakers that offer you special bonuses on sign up, deposits and other events such as shopping. Don’t miss out on large bonuses on deposits and signups. If you have a limited bankroll, searching for free bets and big bonuses is very important to kick off your sport betting career.
Deposit options
Skrill and Neteller are two of the most popular choice for European online sports betting fans. The trust factor and international recognition give these two e-wallet services an edge over the competition. That is the reason why most of the European sports bettors uses these two services to deposit and withdraw money.

Another alternative to these e wallet services is the credit card. It is one of the fastest ways to get money online. Some other options include Bank wires or bank transfers. Each option has their pros and cons but it usually comes down to personal preference and convenience. Most European online sports betting sites will offer several deposit options, making the process of betting sports online accessible to all citizens.
Legality involved in sports betting
You will be surprised to know that laws regarding sports betting differ greatly with country to country. Therefore, it is important to more about sports betting laws in your country. To make things easier for you here are brief outline of some of European country’s sports betting laws.
Is online sports betting legal in Europe
Many other countries are also in line for introducing sports betting services into their countries and making it legal. Most of European countries put more emphasis on regulating these services and collecting taxes. The healthy competition and host of new services offered by sports betting site is a step in right direction. The future for sports betting in Europe looks bright and will flourish in few years.

United Kingdom has emerged as a king when it comes to sports betting sites in Europe. Sports betting are one of the most popular activities for thousands of Brits. Online sports’ betting is legal in the United Kingdom. Players will not have to pay any taxes on winnings from online sports betting or any other forms of gambling in the UK.

Online sports betting in Germany is legal. However, this was not the case in the past. The country has made reforms to accommodate gambling offerings and has introduced a more regulated landscape. You will have to pay 5% tax on all bets in Germany, but choosing the correct bookmaker will mean that they absorb all the tax.

Online sports’ betting is legal in France. It was once a state run monopoly but now all that have changed for the better. France has now opened its door to outside providers. EU pressure forced this change and France licensed some of the world’s larger online bookmakers to offer their services to French online sports betting fans. However, betting exchanges are still illegal in France, despite other forms of online sports betting being legal. French recreational players do not pay taxes on online sports betting winnings. Nevertheless, those who fill as a professional sports bettor or gambler will be subject to taxes.

Similar to France, Italy also succumbed to EU pressure and opened its doors for international online betting sites to offer something to Italian sports betting loving crowd. Many sites are adapting to Italian laws, getting license AAMS to work in Italy without running the risk of censure.

Online sports betting and gambling is now legal in Spain, Spanish sports betting fans have to pay a higher tax percentage to get their dose of betting. It can range from 10% to 30% tax on online gambling winnings depending upon the type of betting. In Spain as in Italy, many bookmakers have purchased a local licensed by Jeugo Seguro to operate in its territory, but many Spaniards prefer to continue betting on international sports betting sites.

Online sports’ betting is legal in Sweden and Norway. Both Scandinavian countries have state run bookmakers and restrict other outside online sports betting sites from accepting their citizens as players. Furthermore, these Scandinavian countries players can enjoy a special incentive to bet on sites based in the EU, as they pay no taxes on winnings. Any amount won outside the EU is subject to a 30% tax.

Similar to some other countries in Europe such as France and Italy, Denmark is also taken off the shell from its state run monopoly on sports betting. This means that outside players can also take part in the proceeding inside Denmark. The downside for Danes is that they will have to pay a inflated 45% tax on winnings, which is hampering the growth of sports betting sites in Denmark.

Online sports betting and gambling, is recently termed legal in Greece. Greek players will have to pay a flat 10% tax on all online gambling winnings.
Few people pay taxes on winnings
That said, the majority of punters do not pay taxes, because the most winnings are credited to foreign ewallet (Skrill, Neteller, Paypal...) beyond the jurisdiction of the local laws.

Online betting companies are expanding their operation to different countries in the world in search of different markets they can target to maximize their profits. The sports betting fans are the only beneficiary in whichever way you look at it. The rise in competition in the sports betting industry will give the sports bettors more choice.
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