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Bookmakers from around the globe use different odds formats and this might be a little confusing. The United States of America and Canada use American Odds (also called Moneyline Odds). In Europe most nations use Decimal Odds (also called European Odds) except for the United Kingdom which uses Fractional Odds. In Asia there are different odds formats: Hong Kong Odds, Malay Odds and Indonesian Odds. The good news is the format of the odds has no effect on the winnings, then you just have to choose the bookmaker that suit your needs.

Using this tool you can compare odds with the different formats: enter an odds in the right box and press the convert button.
What is Implied Probability?

Implied Probability is how often a stake needs to win on average to break even over the long haul. When betting, if we win half our stakes and loses half our stakes we’d net even. Therefore the implied probability is 50%. If a bookmaker was giving us 2 to 1 and we lose twice and win once we are even. All bets have an implied probability and no matter what the odds format. A expert punter calculates the chances a team is going to win, then examines the implied probability offered by the bookie.

Having said that, if we reason well, the Implied Probability is a probability that the event will happen, the bookmaker when evaluating a match, offering an odds, give a forecast percentage that these tools is able to calculate.

American Odds Explained

In American odds format (also known as Moneyline Odds) the odds are offers as either a negative or positive figure. When offers as positive this is how much profit will be paid on a $100 bet.
For example +150 is risk $100 to win $150 profit!

When the odds are negative this is how much you need to bet to win $100.
For example if -175 is risk $175 to win $100.

Decimal Odds Explained

In Decimal odds format (also known as European Odds and supported by almost all bookmakers) the odds represent how much you’ll be returned for each 1 unit staked.
For example if you bet €1 at odds 1,75 and win you will get back €1,75!

Fractional Odds Explained

Fractional Odds (also known as UK Odds) are a fraction that represents how much you stand to win on a bet. The first number is the payout and the second number is the stake.
For example 5/2 means get £5 profit for each £2 staked.

To calculate your profit on a win just do out the fraction and multiple by stake. For example 12/5 is 12 divided by 5, which equals 2,40; If you bet £50 on 12/5 you stand to profit £50*2,40=£100 if your bet wins.

Hong Kong Odds Explained

This odds format (also known as HK Odds) works the same as Decimal Odds, but does not include the stake. For example: when decimal odds are 1.75, Hong Kong Odds are 0.75, so when Decimal Odds are 3.25, Hong Kong Odds are 2.25.

These odds shows the profit per unit staked and you also get back your stake.

Indonesian Odds Explained

This odds format (also known as Indo Odds) functions the same as American odds format except now the odds are based on $1,00 stakes and therefore use a decimal. For example: when Indonesian odds are -1.75 the American Odds are -175, so when they are +1.25 the American Odds are +125.

If the odds are positive: stake*odds = profit - If the odds are negative: stake:odds = profit!

Malay Odds Explained

This format lists odds in either a positive or negative format, but this time in reverse. If the odds are negative you are dealing with an underdog and when the odds are positive you are dealing with a favorite.

For example: Malay odds are 0.75 means risk 1 to win 0.75 profit

If the odds are negative this is how much you will need to bet to win 1.
For example: Malay odds -0.500 means risk 0.50 to win 1 profit.
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