Most Popular Payment Methods

Do you want to know about the different online payment methods?

Once you have chosen a bookmaker to open a new betting account with, it’s time to pay the first sum of money into your account so you can start betting.

Bank Transfer
How is it done? Simple! All bookmakers accept bank transfers or credit card payments. If you have a traditional bank account without Internet Banking go straight to your bank and ask for this service to be activated! Now all banks let you monitor the movements of your money through the web without having to go to the bother of physically going to the bank to check your balance and transactions. If you don’t have a current account yet you can open one directly though the internet!

Credit Card
Once you have opened an online current account you are set up to bet and receive payments. As an alternative to current accounts, you can also use credit cards, which have the advantage of not having waiting times for transactions. In fact, payments and withdrawals are instant, unlike bank transfers, which can take from 1 to 3 working days. Requesting a credit card is simple. You can request one directly from you bank, from your financial advisor or online.

We recommend Visa or Mastercard credit cards, which are accepted by all bookmakers, while we advise against American Express and Diners Club, which are refused by the majority of bookmakers.

Prepaid Cards
As an alternative to credit cards, we can also use prepaid cards, which have become increasingly accepted by bookmakers over the years. You don’t need a current account to acquire a prepaid card, as you can get it directly from the post office in your country by showing a valid form of ID. Check that your prepaid card is accepted by your chosen bookmaker before you start betting.

Online Payments
Online money transfers through Ewallet companies is one of the best methods for those who want to bet over the Internet with professionalism. Its advantages includes the possibility of sending money in real time to practically all bookmakers, secure transactions and low costs. The most famous and secure money transfer companies used by thousands of users are: Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, PayPal and Webmoney. All three work in more or less the same way: you register for free on the company’s website, and once you have opened your account and chosen a method for depositing money you can make payments using your email address and password. A credit card, prepaid card or bank account can be added to your account for payments and also withdrawals.

We advisable you to open an eWallet Account (Neteller or Skrill are the best) to send and receive money immediately and without fees, especially if your currency is not supported by the bookmaker. In fact, eWallet account works as a currency exchange, in practice you charge money in your currency into your eWallet account and it converts them into US Dollars, Euros, etc.., so you can use them to bet online at bookmakers.

In Conclusion
We have chosen not to mention other alternative payment systems such as Paysafecard or Ukash, because we believe that all you need for betting online is a current account for sending and receiving money to and from your account with the bookmaker. You can use a prepaid card as an alternative to having a bank account, but first make sure that it is accepted by whichever bookmaker you have chosen. If you want something with more professional that gives you the possibility of sending money instantaneously, then open an account with Neteller or Skrill, transfer money from your bank account and use it to send and receive payments from the bookmaker. This means you don’t need a credit card.

Recently many bookmakers are accepting as a payment method even Bitcoin, the virtual currency used in the web, but we do not recommend this method of transaction of money.
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