How to start Betting Online

What do you need to do to get started with online betting?

The world of online betting is considered very attractive, entertaining and also exciting: that’s why every day sees an increase in the number of people who decide to predict the results of sporting events taking place in the near or distant future.

While on the one hand, millions of users throughout the world have already become expert and astute gamblers, on the other hand there are just as many getting ready to bet on a sporting event for the first time.
We have put together these valuable pieces of advice for beginners taking their first steps to help them place their first bets.

The ten golden rules
Read this advice carefully, and you’ll know what to do in a few minutes!

1) First of all, we recommend you choose a bookmaker that is trustworthy and loyal. With this in mind, we have already compiled a list of the companies that we consider to be the absolute best, to help guide you through the world of betting in a safe and professional way.

2) Consult our LIST of the top 99 Bookmakers and choose the one that’s right for you! You should weigh up the different factors before making a decision about your bookmaker of reference: read the comments our staff have written for you and choose the one that best meets your needs.

3) It is advisable for you to start your adventure with at least three different bookmakers, to allow you to compare the odds offered by each of them and focus on the ones that are most advantageous and profitable for you.

4) Choose bookmaker according to the language you know, often the customer service is provided only in English and or in the main spoken languages (Spanish, Chinese, etc..), so make sure you have a good communication between you and the bookmaker. Examine our guide on the Bookmaker's Language List and choose a bookmaker for you.

5) Register on the selected sites, enter your login credentials (the username and password you chose) and deposit an amount with each bookmaker, however small. Once registration is complete, you will have created your personal gaming account and you will be ready to start betting.

Remember to keep a form of ID close at hand in case you need it during registration.

6) Remember that you must have a sum deposited in your count, however minimal, to proceed with any online bet. See our guide on Payment Systems to get a general idea of how money transactions to and from a bookmaker take place. All the bookmakers offer different payment options, which can include credit card Moneybookers, Neteller, Webmoney, Paypal or bank transfer.

7) If possible, you have to bet in a currency that you can easily convert, a good rule is to find a bookmaker that offers the same currency of your country. Examine our guide on the Bookmaker's Currencies List and choose a bookmaker for you.

8) We advisable you to open an eWallet Account (Neteller or Skrill are the best) to send and receive money immediately and without fees, especially if your currency is not supported by the bookmaker. In fact, eWallet account works as a currency exchange, in practice you charge money in your currency into your eWallet account and it converts them into US Dollars, Euros, etc.., so you can use them to bet online at bookmakers.

9) Before you deposit money and start betting, you should also consider the so-called Welcome Bonuses and the promotions or offers in relation to sports that the bookmakers often offer their clients, which often appear especially favourable.

10) Before betting, read up on the rules of the sport you want focus on and above all pay attention to the statistics relating to teams or individual sportspeople to help you make a good prediction.
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